OBAMA – FACT/FICTION and my predictions

THE OCTOBER SURPRISE – LONG VIDEO AND A MUST SEE – EXPLOSIVE!!!!  Obama in his own words, and with video comments by others –

If you want a taste of what Barack Obama is capable of, watch this video. It includes praise for Obama from Louis Farrakhan – who calls him the Messiah – The Hamas political advisor, Iran’s President Amadinehjad, and Syrian Leader Bashar al-Assad. While a little rough at some spots it contains material that tells us we are very close to losing the United States of America. — In order to get your brain around the ending, YOU MUST WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO because in order to understand the future, you need a solid understanding of past up through the present. ### — Click here for more Obama videos.



Call me callous and conspiritorial, but if you recall, Obama and family went to Hawaii shortly after the convention and at a time when Russia was invading Georgia.  He still found it a good time to take a vacation.  That vacation was covered extensively by media (of course).  One thing not picked up on was a small report that during his week in Hawaii Obama visited with his grandmother for less than 2 hours, and his family did not visit at all.  No grandkids to see granny?  How odd.
I can’t recall the exact timeframe (and if any reader knows and has proof please contact me) – but the furor over his place of birth was picking up major momentum and reaching a heightened pitch.  I believe it was not long after his return from Hawaii that the certification of birth appeared online, and apparently the campaign figured the rumors would abate.  Instead, they grew greater and more vehement as many people started doing a bit by bit analysis of that certification, compared to other’s Hawaiian certifications.
HERE IS A REAL LIVE BIRTH CERTIFICATE ISSUED IN 1963 (AS YOU CAN SEE IT WAS DONE BY TYPEWRITER), SHOWING NO RESEMBLANCE TO THE DOCUMENT BELOW THAT OBAMA CLAIMS IS HIS PROOF OF BIRTH.  IT WAS ISSUED IN 2007 BY COMPUTER – MAKING THIS WHOLE ISSUE A VERY NASTY ‘CON’ ON AMERICA.  note:  on October 26 at ll:45PM I posted (under fake name) both these certificates on the Obama blog – let’s see how long it lasts there:    http://my.barackobama.com/page/community/blog/annmiller

Barack Obama's Birth Certificate
All such analysis indicates the Obama-provided certification is false – either photo shopped, or issued in a recent timeframe (Hawaii vacation?).  Still, with an enormous number of demands to produce a real birth certificate, Obama remains MUM and his camapign website suggests it is all just rumor spread by the right.  But Obama’s website about the rumors is a weak attempt to deny what has been proven as FACT:  check out the latest article referencing statements in Newsweek, Time, NYT, etc.:  http://www.newsmax.com/headlines/obama_smears_fact_check/2008/10/20/142379.html
So if it is just a rumor, why not produce a certificate of live birth and end all the speculation?  It would be so simple and obvious.  But still Obama does not respond.  Now, 2 weeks before the election, Obama’s grandmother is ill and he is flying to Hawaii.  If she were gravely ill why didn’t he leave immediately?  If she is gravely ill why isn’t he taking his family to visit their granny?  He is going alone, and not until SIX days after the announcement that she was ill.   Why wait?  Why isn’t the family going too?  And if he could wait a week, why not 2 more weeks?
I am going out on a limb here – but I predict that a certificate of live birth will suddenly ‘appear’ on factcheck, or Obama’s website – mere days before the election.  Two or more years after innuendo, question and charges of fraud – suddenly LO !  it appears.
Another prediction – I believe that in the next few days there will be another Bin Laden orchestrated message to America.  Bin Laden is a smart man, educated in the US and he well understands American culture, and reverse psychology.  Therefore his message will be glowing support for McCain – indicating that McCain will create a united front with the Arab world.  It is unfortunately unlikely most Americans will ‘get it’ – that he is really pulling in more support for Obama, an apparently Islamic sypmathizer and pacifist where the Arab world is concerned.
And here is another prediction – albeit an obvious one.  ACORN will undergo (finally) the sort of scrutiny and investigation they should have undergone 10+ years ago.  The process will take months, but in the final analysis they will be found guilty of 1) mixing public and private money; 2) promoting partisan politics in all efforts; 3) violating 501C3 status on several levels; 4) using government funds within various political efforts; 5) Obama was instrumental in their rise and did participate fully in more than one Chicago program; 6) the coming election day results will not be known for perhaps weeks or months and will conclude with murky results that leave everyone bitter and disillusioned. 
Finally my last prediction:  The ‘test’ that a President Obama may face within 6 months is more likely to be the uncovery of FACTS that indicate Obama’s occupancy of the White House the result of breaking a number of laws re campaign activities (LOGAN ACT) and lack of US birth in the US.  There will be public outrage, and a call for impeachment but the Democrat controlled Congress will dig in their heels and do nothing.  Public ire will create a huge momentum and things will be very messy.    Now this may be just hopeful thinking, but if there is any justice, I believe the truth will out and people will demand justice. 
Americans, no matter party affiliation and wishful thinking, can’t allow the White House to be sold to the highest bidder without regard to our Constitution, and election laws.  It may be all we have left.
Or so it seems to me !

2 Responses to “OBAMA – FACT/FICTION and my predictions”

  1. millionaire5280 Says:

    KOA Denver had 2 call-in hours on the air about this issue today 10-28-2008. 850KOA.com for Mike Rosen show to replay the program.

  2. sparkleplenty27 Says:

    Whatever is missing within these blogs has been removed – likely by the Obama team who troll the Internet to find anything on Obama and what they don’t like they remove. Free speech? nothing about this goon and his henchmen is free, or honorable, or truth-based.

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