Hello world!

 This is my first blog (on here), and I write with a good deal on my mind.  Of course we have a major crisis in this country, as well as the world — the fallout from having created a global economy where we rise and fall together.  There are obvious issues facing us – economy, related scandals yet to be uncovered, corruption, greed, and the resulting impact on everyone else. 

Let me say upfront that I am an Independent – a combination of some liberal and conservative.  Now and for some time I have grown so tired of the 2-year election campaign – far too long and tedious.  And with it, so many questions, so many black holes void of detail, so much finger pointing.  It wears on one’s spirit and soul. 

But I am a news hound, ever in search of details, so this has been an especially big challenge, to separate the wheat from the chaff, to determine truth from lie, fact from fiction.  I admit that I have also wanted to fill in at least a few of those black holes that have been bothering me. 

Now the Internet is a fascinating medium for information.  Some of it factual, some not, but there is no limit to the wealth of information one can find, with a bit of digging.  One can invade someone’s privacy, go inside docouments, find reports on events or track a series of events.  You can find photos not seen before, compare data, and generally fill your mind with copious quantities of information.  But one can’t accept on blind faith.  It is necessary to go down a few layers to obtain multiple verification.

So, my blogs will be a reflection of many hours (well over 100) of research.  Endless hours, probing into aspects of our government, some legislation, connections between people, statements made or not made, alliances, voids.  With it all, there remain some serious questions, posed later. 

I love this country, I am proud to be an American and I am saddened by the growing divisions.  The things that should bind us now divide us, and perhaps more so this year than ever before in our history.  There is a vehement annimosity between most all factions.  Now is a time we should be thinking as Americans first, before party affiliation, before accusations. 

We are approaching a new era in this country, one that is going to impact us all.  This is not a ‘change’ promised by Obama (though his ‘change’ deserves more discussion).  Rather, this is a change of just where America is in the World of Nations.  Most of us alive in the US today have known nothing except America as global leader, all-powerful economically and militarily.  We have lead the way to Democracy, come to the aid of many countries in time of war and crisis.  We have been envied, hated, ridiculed, but always thought of as No. One.  How then will we handle our new role as just another country, no longer in the lead, no longer the greatest economic force, no longer possessing the biggest and best of anything?

That, sadly, is our future.  And the future is now.  If one goes down the list of biggest and best (no matter the category, be it shopping mall or hotel, office building or bridge, mega store.  We have lost our place – and with it, our way.  We have lost our way.  Innovation, creativity, hard work, spirit – benchmarks of this country, have dwindled.  We no longer make anythnig, but ‘assemble’ as they do in Third World countries.  Major corporations, pitted against relentless labor union pressures, management greed and dedication to the investors rather than the employees, have moved their operations overseas, and with it our jobs. 

We buy almost everything from China, Japan or other Asian and South American countries where labor is cheap.  Items inferior to what we used to make, untouched by American hands.  Essentially we have been sold out – but here I must emphasize that the blame is wide-spread.  It is not one party or one president.  It is BOTH parties, more than 2 presidents, labor unions, greedy executives, and even greedier investors who don’t give a damn about companies and employees as long as their portfolios go up.

Now – we  ALL pay the price, in more ways than most can even begin to fathom, much less understand.  The signs are all there.  The writing is on the wall, and the only thing missing from the hole into which we are sliding is a soft landing.

We all have reason to worry.  We all have reason to be confused.  But let me caution one very important matter here and now – as much as President Bush is under fire and out of favor, as much as there is a good deal of dislike (aka hatred) expressed toward him – he is NOT the source of all of our problems.  He has throw wood on a fire already burning before he got into office. 

Our problems take root in various times gone by, some from the Vietnam era, some from the 80s; some from Carter’s administration, some from Clinton’s.  There have been financial people, various Senators (of both parties), the FED and oh so many entities that have contributed to this mess.  Hands in other’s pockets, favors being done, turning a blind eye to wrongs….it is a long and ugly trail and Bush just happens to be at the end of the trail.  He is certainly NOT guilt free by any means.  Under his watch things have worsened.  

Two candidates are now our choices.  Both make promises as do all politicians.  But it needs to be pointed out that promises involving money are not likely to be implemented – quite simply because we don’t have any money! 

I hope to offer information that will enlighten, or at least cause you to pause and scrutinize.  THINGS ARE NOT AS THEY MAY APPEAR.


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