DEBATE – The Implications

The debates are over – mercifully.  There is no question that John McCain is not an orator.  He has not had training and his mannerisms don’t do him any favors.  Obama is smooth – slick – glib – cool.  So what does it all mean?  First of all, McCain speaks from the heart, I truly believe that.  He will FIGHT for all Americans and for this country’s future.  He is less effective in conveying his message than is Obama.

Obama with all his slickness, coolness and glibness, remains a huge risk.  I am of course biased as a result of my research.  But I am going to stick with his comments and his ‘plan’ and not delve into his background, for the purpose of these comments.  I would like to say that I found his smirks and snickering at just about every comment made by McCain to be arrogant, disrespectful, and very childish.  It reminded me of a teacher confronting an obnoxious teen, giving him or her a firm dressing down.  The teen laughs, shrugs shoulders and essentially blows the teacher off. 

Obama proposes taxation increases – in all categories (business, inheritance, death, capital gains etc.)  Last night he squarely placed a target on the backs of small business owners, represented by Joe the Plumber.  What is clear is that a person with a small business who desires to expand (hire more employees, sell more product or service, open an additional location, acquire more equipment to increase production) will find themselves hit hard by increased taxes.  If you have been able to do $250,000 a year in business (which as gross sales is not much), and you want to strive for $500,000 in gross sales.  You need to do one or more of the items listed to increase annual numbers.  What will happen is that with each employee you add, your tax rate will go up.  It will continue to go up with the addition of each person.   You will find yourself having to cut back, lay people off, because an increase of $50,000 in taxes equals one employee. 

This approach to taxation sends a clear message that if you work hard, do well, achieve financial success, you will be penalized.  Moreover, your work, investment of time and money, the work of your employees, and all the sacrifices you had to make along the way, will now have some portion of it all allocated to the poor.  It sounds nice, compassionate.  But is it fair?  I do not think so.  Contrary to what the Bible teaches, all men are not created equal in their ability to work and generate income.  Some people are lazy.  Some people do not have the temperment to work for themselves.  Some people are not blessed with sufficient IQ, while others did not apply themselves when in school.  Of the full range of poor, there is a percentage who are simply incapable – due to physical, mental, or circumstancial situations.

There is NOTHING positive to be gained by giving yet more handouts to those who are generational welfare recipients.  They are not likely to ever get off the dole because that is all they know.  We already foster the condition, so why make it worse, at the expense of small business people?

Contrary to what Obama says, couples who earn over $45,000 WILL be taxed higher.  Singles who earn over $32,000 will be taxed higher.  If you think that Obama can give you ‘free’ health care, and all the other promised programs without across-the-board tax increases, you are living in a cloud. 

Redistribution of wealth is the Communist ‘way’ – except that as with Communists, those in power had plenty of money and all it buys, and then there was everyone else.  Essentially what is good for the goose (who promises to lay the golden egg), is not good for the gander (everyoen else). 

One of the best and more relevant sayings that fit this situation is “TALK IS CHEAP”   Obama can say anything, claim anything, promise anything, deny anything – it costs him nothing, assures him that many will believe him, and in turn that he can get elected.  But when it’s time for the pedal to hit the metal, you can be assured that all the talk will evaporate, and we will be left with excuses, explanations of ‘why not’ and evaporation of all promises. 

If you buy into what Obama promises, you will be in for a huge shock and disappointment.  It may be that he believes what he is telling us.  It may be that he believes it can all be done (despite economists who have run the numbers and say it’s impossible).  But our economic situation is such that any of his promises are impossible.

McCain on the other hand is  promising to clean up government and hack away at the waste.  One can fathom how much waste there is in Washington – via our various agencies, and in Congress.  Billions of dollars in waste.  It is the reform of government that is our most critical need, and from there falls a solution to so many other things.  If McCain could do just that (and keep us safe) in 4 years, he would have made one of the greatest contributions to this country in the last 50 years, if not longer.

From that reform would flow many possibilities, not the least of which would be serious reduction of our deficit, and establishing policies and procedures that make it impossible for reckless spending to continue.

Republicans are being blamed for the economic mess we are in.  No amount of fact seems to alter that perception.  Yes the FACTS tell a very different story.  Democrats are known to be out of control spenders – always have been, always will be.  However, Republicans have been in that mix too.  But this is NOT, repeat NOT a Republican-fostered problem. 

Imagine what is going to happen without any checks and balances – with a Democrat controlled House and Senate and a Democrat-controlled Administration????  Utter and outrageous spend party.  Our debt will blow sky high, from which we shall never recover.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO BE ACCOMPLISHED BY THE NEXT PRESIDENT IS TO CLEAN UP OUR GOVERNMENT; KEEP TAXES LOW AND STEADY; KEEP US SAFE FROM TERRORISTS (INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL).  John McCain is the only man of these two who can get that job done.  Sarah Palin will help him do it, and John will surround himself with a Cabinet and agency heads that are the best, without regard to party. 


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