Racism or just Stupidity?

If you don’t think this race is about race, perhaps you should think again! 

Listen to this audio – it is quite stunning, and very telling about what is going on.


Does this mean that most blacks are voting for Obama because he is Obama claims to be black?  Certainly decisions don’t seem to have much of anything to do with the issues.  How would these same people vote if they knew Obama was in fact not African Black, but black Arab? 

I think this audio clip as well as many ‘average citizen’ interviews on the street are indicative of a severe lack of knowledge about and understand of the issues.  It also seems many people, otherwise unaware, are voting based on race.  At this point I don’t think anyone can forecast what will happen behind voting booth curtains. 

Right now it is PC to indicate support for Obama.  But all the swirling negative information flying around Obama will surely make people pause and contemplate the many lingering questions.  In addition, so many Obama supporters are so vehement and in some cases rabid in their support, they won’t listen, or they are so ‘in your face’ it becomes futile to say anything.  I think that is why there are so many blogs on the Internet that enable people to express their frustrations and feelings about Obama. 

One thing that people need to be concerned about is sensoring.  There are many members of the national media who, after writing or presenting a less than flattering opinion about Obama, they are harshly dealt with, and restricted from further contact with the candidate.  This is alarming – when a member of the media or a citizen can’t criticize or question a presidential candidate (much less a President) we are moving ever more quickly to Third World status where dictators determine the fate of dissenters.

Stupidity? I certainly hope not – there is simply too much at stake!


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