OBAMA and Hawaii

Has anyone seen video news coverage of Obama in Hawaii this weekend ?  I saw him walking on a sidewalk, obviously being trailed by a reporter in an auto videoing him.  Obama was wearing sun glasses but kept turning his head quickly to see if he was being watched.  Soon an SUV drove up, several men got out, and Obama got in.  No big news about this – but for one thing.  The men (one would assume they are secret service) were not secret service.  They were ‘locals’ in Hawaiian shirts, burly, and looked more like thugs.  Secret Service are ALWAYS in suits with ear pieces and sun glasses – ALWAYS no matter where in the world they are if on duty.  These men were not secret service – period!  WHY?

The men who exited the SUV essentially blocked the car with the cameraman by walking down the middle of the street, as the SUV sped off with Obama inside behind darkened windows. 

Perhaps no big deal, but in all honesty, I believe everything Obama does is calculated and has meaning.  Where were the Secret Service guys and why weren’t they with Obama?  I can speculate, as can you – And wouldn’t you think Obama would be at his dear Toot’s bedside for the whole day he was in Hawaii?  He spent an hour or so the evening he arrived, and again the next morning – and then what?  How did he spend his time on Friday, and why were not the secret service guys with him?


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