The economy is in the toilet, people are losing their jobs, costs of everything are going up, the world of economics is doom and gloom and predictions are for worse times coming, and and economy numbers that will drop further.

The mainstream media (MSM) is all over Palin for the RNC getting her clothing to wear, while giving yet another PASS to Biden for his outrageous comments at a Fund Raising event recently.  Loose lips sink ships and if only in this case!  But little has been made of Biden’s comments 1) about Obama being tested within 6 months of taking office in a global situation; and 2) making decisions that most may think are wrong, but aren’t; and 3) we are not going to like the economy next year, but things will get better.  What a great support for his ‘leader’.

But MSM did not give much attention to this matter, instead opting to make a huge stink about Palin’s wardrobe.  No one mentioned that of all candidates, she is not a millionaire or has a large annual income, or that life in Alaska is highly casual in comparison to the campaign trail.

So with all of the financial woes we have now and anticipated for months to come, Obama plans his gala event in Chicago.  It is going to cost an unprecendented amount for a mere election night celebration, so much that the poor guy can’t cut it with his $700 million campaign war chest, so he is demanding for more money to cover the tab from the MEDIA!!!!

Yes, he is charging all media for the position of coverage, internet, phone service, closeness to podium, photography and after-party.  Prices range from $700 to $2100 (save for the party, which they are not divulging).  When has the media been charged to cover an event?  NEVER !!  And this of the wealth of MSM darlings who are devoted to Obamasiah?  Some thank you from Obama! 

And the tab?  WOW – For starters, $2 million for security and cleanup (and the campaign is providing emergency medical services for those who are likely to faint from the excitement).  Then there is the ‘staging’, lighting, music, etc.  Plus the indoor, by invitation only party, costs for which are not being disclosed!   City spokesperson Jennifer Martinez with Chicago’s OEM, compared the plans as being like what was done for the Pope John Paul in 1979. 

It should be noted that the location for this event, Grant Park, the site of the riots at the Democratic Convention in 1968 – where the Chicago SEVEN instigated the horrible riots, for which they were put on trial – a gang connected with the Black Panthers, CDS, Weathermen Underground etc.  Poignant, and not a little ironic! 


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