2009 – What will YOU get for 2/3 BILLION dollars?

It is pretty simple and straight forward :


1)   Tax increases on everything

2)   Confiscation of all guns

3)   National health care (it will be a mess and bury us financially)

4)   Increased lobbying of Congress reaching levels of excess

5)   More pork barrel spending – aka ear-marks well hidden in every bill.

6)   “Fairness Doctrine” – heard of it?  It’s a doozy – intended to shut down talk radio (there shall be NO criticism of THE ONE) – a venue in which Conservatives are able to have a voice to counter-balance MSM.  Free speech?  ONLY if you are nice to Obamasiah.

7)   Elimination of secret ballots in the workplace – intended to swell the ranks of labor unions, increase the base for more dues, and provide a much larger and more powerful lobbying force against Congress.

8)   More new laws put on the books to further hamper and curtail freedoms and make things even more combersome and toxic

9)   Radical changes to education that will do nothing to elevate our kids’ competiveness or competence.

10)              More regulations imposed on all businesses making it harder to expand, make a profit

11)              Disdain and contempt for ordinary ‘folks’ – it is all about Ivy League, the Arts, and mysterious organizations that support “progressive” causes and the ‘inner circle’ of intelligentsia.   

12)               Out of control spending by the Trifecta of Pork  (Reid, Pelosi, Obama)

13)  The economy falling far lower and remaining there for many years.

14)  Wall Street dropping to 1700

15)  Censoring widespread

16)  Trends and events that are going to look a lot like 21st Century Marxism

17)  Increased government (bodies, agencies)

18)  Questionable people in key positions with at the least, dubious connections and background

19)  Global crisis –

20)  SAME DAY voter registration and voting – NO verification of identity, status

21)  Massive voter fraud (see Acorn become an even bigger influence in all 50 states)

22)  Sometime in a 3-year timeframe, civil war in this country as people come to terms with what is really going on

23)  Proliferation of 501C4 organizations that operate outside the law, in secret, with hidden agendas and no accountability.

24)  Increased gas prices – they have wanted  to keep prices high so Americans would reduce consumption to avoid new production.

25)  Nationalization of your 401K – yup you heard it here – they will take your  money, give you govt. bonds, pay you 3% interest, and when you retire (if you ever can) you’ll get one check for the total including the 3% interest.  Big whoop!





There is a list – for starters.  This is a minor list but it will affect everyone and likely in ways we can’t yet imagine.


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