Response to Edmund re AAAN

Edmond, I understand what AAAN is and what they say they are – two different things.

As for Khalidi, he may have been educated in the US – so was Osama Bin Laden, William Ayres, and other evil people.  He has however, been an operative in the PLO, is PRO-Palestine, has been the mouthpiece for Arafat, and speaks against the US and Israel, and in favor of Hamas and Palestine.

THAT indicates where his loyalties are, which are shared with a vast number of his friends.  Most psychologists and those who study the human condition, will tell you that people tend to associate with those like themselves.  We often have no choice in a job, but in our personal lives, we are drawn to those who reflect similar interests, ideologies, personality etc.  It is not an accident that Ayres, Khalidi and Obama are friends who wine and dine together.  And there are many others who share their attitudes, and share a disdain to outright hatred for Israel – such as George Soros. 

Khalidi’s course at Columbia focuses on anti-Semetic rhetoric and concepts, according to those who have reviewed his agenda. 

As fro ACCN – they proclaim an agenda that serves interests of Arab Americans, and they do that.  But they have an additional agenda, which is to support anti-Semetic sentiment and actions. 

This whole business is like a fragrant onion – with vast layers to be peeled away until you reach the core that is strong smelling and makes your eyes water.


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