DICK MORRIS – which side is he really on?

Dick Morris is often on FOX, providing a ‘conservative’ view of this campaign.  But, did you know that less than 2 years ago Morris was in Kenya – at a press conference with Ralia Odinga, where he told Kenyans that he was going to manage Odinga’s campaign, pro bono?  Or that Obama donated a chunk of money to Odinga’s campaign, along with the pro bono value of Morris’ work?  (see link to campaign accounting below)


Odinga, the thug in Kenya who called for riots if he lost; and who has an agreement with Muslims to make Sharia law the law of Kenya?  This seems to make Dick Morris highly suspect in all he says and does.  And I might add (if you view the videos) you will see a remarkable similarity in the Odinga rhetoric and call for “change” to that of his cousin, Obama (who was over there about the same time as Morris).



(note the list of donors to Odinga – “Friends of Senator BO” – according to a person in Kenya, that donation equals $1 million US and was from both Dick Morris and Barack Obama !!!!  And Dick Morris donated his time to organize and run the Odinga campaign!!!!



Dick Morris at press conference with Odinga in Kenya – good grief



BO’s grandmother saying that BO was born in Kenya



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