Connecting The Dots

Should this old blog get any new readers, or those from previous views – I wonder now, 2.5 years later, just how people who supported Obama feel about him now?  So many claims of racism for criticizing, or questioning.  But the time past has made it quite clear that this blogger’s predictions and concerns have been born out – alas.  The problem is that the issues are far greater than most expected or assumed – primarily because so few connect the dots, disparate as they may be, to reflect the big picture.  The big picture is the long-existing objective to topple America, our economy and currency – and to turn our wealth into the IMF and World Bank.  We are under attack by a number of forces, not the least of which is George Soros who has emerged to be visible, overt, and the most evil entity on earth!    There is much to come in the remainder of 2011 and in 2012 – and if it all comes to pass, America as we know it will be gone forever.


2 Responses to “Connecting The Dots”

  1. IwanttheTRUTH Says:

    I agree, America as we know it is going, going….almost gone. I didn’t vote for Obama then and I still dislike him today. I concur on everything you said. We are being bombarded on every side and it’s going to get ugly. What hurts the most is that our own government and those with wealth and power, are our ultimate demise. So sad! But Praise God, they have no victory in the end, only eternal life in Hell!

  2. sparkleplenty27 Says:

    They may spend eternity in Hell but they will have wrecked havoc on this country beforehand. The thing that is so dismaying is that the ‘plan’ has been underway for a long time and it was not until they had Obama did they believe they had one to carry out that plan to its fruition. Our denial and apathy has been the ideal climate to implement our destruction. I am not sure we can recoup our losses, but we must never stop trying. Obama is, I strongly believe, a fraud of paramount degree – a fraud who has perpetrated the biggest hoax in history, and possibly the most damage.

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