The hours are counting down, the polls reflect an Obama victory, both campaigns are battling at the podium and on the ground.  It’s a dirty game, not necessarily of survival of the fittest.  At the center of the 2-year battle is the Office of President, and with it the power to alter the course of history – forever.

Americans have never been more divided, more angry, and more hostile than at any time since the Civil War.  But of course, this is a different country than during the Civil War – more complex in every way, subject to greater numbers of influence and manipulation that any non-Communist country.

Today those who support Obama are rabid in their defense, determined in their efforts to ignore facts, and resulute to hold to their ‘image’ of Obama than the reality of how Obama would impact this nation.  McCain supporters are either going with their ‘man’, or are genuinely concerned about the alarming signs and questions that linger, about Obama, and about his lack of experience.

Those on the one side, like in “The Night Before Christmas’, have visions of a tree laden with shiny ornaments, beautiful packages oozing from beneath the tree, sugar plum fairies dancing about and new fallen snow sparkling beyond the windows.  All is lovely, good, right, and bountiful.

Missing in the fairy tale poem is the reality of our economy.  People simply do not ‘get’ and can’t accept that Santa won’t be delivering goodies – it would be utter insanity to do so.  People can’t understand that regardless of promises made, glowing accounts of what is to come, the economy is in dire shape and must not be made worse.  We are told of tax cuts, increased welfare, sharing the wealth from the haves to the wants, and 95% of working Americans having a better life from reduced taxation and increased refunds.

Economists have put a price tag on the Obama plan – well into the trillions over 4 years.  Where will that money come from?  From all of us – simple FACT.  Short of using monopoly money, we simply do not have it and to increase our deficit and spending by yet more trillions is not just insanity, it is irresponsible and would bury America permanently.

McCain’s supporters are  hopeful, believe in the character and judgment of the Senator, and value his experience.  I think too that many value his ability to get tough and not be pushed around, at a time when we are facing a good deal of that sort of thing.  And all of McCain supporters are with him because he wants to shrink government, spending and corruption – which has never been more rampant than at this time.

McCain promises to cut spending, to weed out useless agencies and wasteful spending, to put a halt on all but essential spending for 2 years, and to stop all pork barrel spending immediately.  We believe he can and will do that.  No it is no sharing the wealth, it is not promising freebies that can’t be delivered without huge cost to the entire country.  He promises to work for all of us, not just a few.  He promises to keep us safe from expanding threats here and abroad.

I believe that most Americans value the freedoms we have as Americans – freedom to worship as they please, to own a gun to hunt if they like, to live their lives as they choose, to work to accomplish goals, to be safe.

But there are Americans who do not hold those truths in value and who in fact work against them.  Many of those people have positions of power, or influence, or wealth, or all three.  They have been working in covert and overt ways, for many many years, to weaken American, to bring down capitalism, and destroy the foundation of this country – our Constitution.

Now, if you are an Obama supporter, and refuse to question the nature of the long list of murky Obama alliances and regard any negative information about your guy as rumor or lie – how about, for a moment at least, suspending your uber-defensive and denial mode – and just ask yourself WHAT IF?

What if – his alliances are a reflection of how he really feels
What if – the economy prohibits from him doing what he promises
What if – he intends to establish Marxism or Socialism in this country
What if – he really will form alliances with Islam – what does that mean
What if – his National Security Force has dark intentions
What if – his comments re Israel have been misleading, and are more in tune with his anti-Semitic friends
What if – he would disarm America
What if – his game plan for his campaign and America are true to Cloward-Piven
What if – he won’t cut taxes to middle class, but instead will raise everyone’s taxes to pay for welfare
What if – he opens immigration and encourages Islamics and Africans to enter the US without limits
What if – Sharia Law was encouraged and allowed across the country

What if – he outlaws all gun ownership, taking custody of all through his National Security Force

If you ponder the possible answers to these possibilities you might see various outcomes, some of them perhaps even alarming.  Now I admit that most Obama supporters (and perhaps many McCain supporters) find most of these ‘what-if’s’ a stretch.

But are they?  Based on what is KNOWN, and what is NOT KNOWN, any of the what-if’s could materialize, alone or in tandem with any/all of the others.  Now admittedly some of these what-if’s are not earth-shattering as stand-alone matters.  Outlawing gun ownership, a direct violation of our Constitution, would not propel us into chaos and ruin (supposedly).  But in tandem with the National Security Force?  Another matter. 

Many of the what-if’s suggest strongly that some form or combination of Marxism and Socialsim is the most likely turn of events for America.  Unfortunately the majority of Obama supporters do not even know what those terms mean as an ideology, much less what it would mean to this country.  And therein lies a huge danger for us all.  Probably half of the Obama supporters are too young to have any knowledge or experience that is related to either ideology and how they affected countries in which they existed.

So the promises are just glorious – the best free lunch ever!  The problem of course is that there is NO FREE LUNCH – ever.  The strings that come with Obama’s plan are ties that bind, unendingly, unyieldingly, harshly and forever. 

Finally it is important to point out that we are a Republic with a Democrat form of government and by its very nature is a government of checks and balances.  It is why we have always had at least a 2-party system, power of veto,  etc.  IF as is likely, we have a Democrat controlled Congressional, Administrative and Judicial Branches, we have NO checks and balances.  We have carte blanche to do whatever, whenever, however – regardless of cost (financial or human).  There will be NO transparency – things will be done behind closed doors with control on media coverage, and only those few who have the ability to feret out information will inform citizens.  We will be sitting ducks, at the mercy of a small group of people who have proven time and time again that they have an agenda that supports cronyism and their ‘own’ – witihout regard to legalities, the Constitution, welfare of Americans or our place in the world. 



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