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The Selling of the Big White House

October 21, 2008

Most reports about the JFK campaign indicate that his father Joe Kennedy ‘bought’ him the election.  It is certainly possible.  We came to know a great deal more about the Kennedy’s in more recent years, including Joe Kennedy’s determination to see his son in the White House. 


There are many questions about a number of former Presidents  and how they achieved their position, not the least of which is LBJ.  But there is no historical comparison to what is going on now. 


Today we have Barack Hussein Obama – a man who adamantly denies most of what has been written about him, despite the facts, and who for some reason, won’t touch, and is unwilling to acknowledge that he is not Black African but black Arab.  What has he to hide?


Today we have this man of many secrets, many contradictions, with negativity swirling around him who is the possible if not likely next President.  We have a man who has ‘raised’ over $600 million (over ½ billion dollars!) – and while the laws do not limit how much one can raise or spend, it is a mind-boggling amount for a campaign.  He and his campaign claim that “average Joe’s” have been contributing in amounts under $200.  But of course the numbers don’t gel!  He claims 2.5 million individual contributors, but over 600,000 entries (donation list) show donations in excess of $4250 (maximum allowed by individual), or in odd amounts rarely seen by any fund raiser – such as $ 983.52, or $1106.04.  Obama has refused to provide the Election Commission with the majority of details or names of contributors.   Most who have evaluated the minimal records provided indicate the numerous ‘odd’ entries suggest foreign donations being converted to dollars. 


US Election Law prohibits foreign donations.  US Election Law prohibits individual donations in excess of $4250.  US Election Law prohibits a non-natural-born citizen from running for US President. 


Mr. Obama, as has been reported by various media outlets and commentators, has direct ties to many people from the Middle East and Africa.  (note – many people do not realize that there are more Arab countries in Africa than there are Black African – check  your map). 


Obama’s long relationship with Kahalid Al Monsour is a pipeline to the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, who has vast financial resources.  They are NOT friends of America.  They finance terrorist activities around the world, and support any action that will eliminate Israel. 


So, what if – what if  Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Al Monsour’s business partner who Monsour counsels, and whom Obama knows – what if this prince has been funneling millions of dollars into the campaign???  It is now estimated that ‘foreign donations’ could be a low of $30 million to a high of $150 million.  That much money buys a lot of clout and influence!


Some media in the UK and even Africa, have indicated that Obama is nothing more than a puppet, whose strings are being pulled by one or more people/groups.  There is the feeling that his ‘credentials’ (of Black Arab father, Muslim, white mother), made him the perfect candidate to groom.  This all sounds like a conspiracy – but what if??


If Arab/Islamic nations wanted revenge, and/or control over the US, what better way to achieve it?  Foster crisis, up the oil prices to a gut-wrenching level, and put into place a man of mystery whose background is almost a blank slate.  A man who has been indoctrinated into communism, socialism, radicalism for his entire life – a perfect foil to offer up to the American people – young, nice looking, calm, serene, with a glibness that enables him to shoot from the hip.


But think about this –  if you KNEW you were going to win, would not that enable you to swagger with confidence, speak with calm confidence, and make outrageous promises?  In 2007, in front a group of ‘community organizer’ organizations such as Acorn, Obama told them (the video is on the Web and I paraphrase)   Before my inauguration I will travel the country to meet with you, get your input so you can help me craft a plan for my Administration”   The man was trailing the primary at that point. 


IF, as I suspect, we have sold out the White House – it is not a piece of real estate we have lost, but the Republic.  It is not just the house but our economy, way of life, and most of all FREEDOM.  The price of the White House is one we can’t afford to give up.

To save the Republic we must pull together and support McCain.  He is an open book, dedicated to preserving Democracy, and eliminating the waste and corruption – in Congress and on Wall Street.


America needs to truly VET Obama NOW – get all the rumors and questions clearly answered – not by way of Obama’s denials, but by reality of fact, figures, documents.  Meanwhile, John McCain and Sarah Palin can and will keep us safe and reform our government which desperately needs it.


As Joe Biden said this weekend at a fundraiser, (again paraphrased) – “Be assured that within 6 months, Obama, the next President will be tested with a major world crisis, one created, like the testing of John Kennedy.  Mark my words and remember this date when I tell you that a crisis of the next Administration is coming”


There is a red storm coming – can we afford to have an untried, untested man in office to manage it?  NO !

International experts are now talking about new military build-up in China, new moves by terrorists groups with indicators they are planning a much bigger attack than 9/11, and Russia is flexing Communist-like muscle.  We can’t afford a young inexperienced man to be ‘tested’ in such uncertain, dangerous times.