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The View from the UK on our Election

October 31, 2008

Sometimes a foreigner sees us more accurately than we see ourselves.

From the British author Melanie Phillips, writing in The Spectator (UK):

“You have to pinch yourself—a Marxist radical who all his life has been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshiped with, befriended, endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded, politically promoted and supported a nexus comprising black power anti-white racists, Jew haters, revolutionary Marxists, unrepentant former terrorists, and Chicago mobsters, is on the verge of becoming President of the United States. And apparently, it’s considered impolite to say so.”


Five days left.


AL MONSOUR – Who is This Mentor and Friend of Obama’s???

October 30, 2008

Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour, Senior Advisor, HRH Prince Al-Waleed Bin TalalDr. Al-Mansour is an international attorney and businessman and is renowned as an intellectual, activist, author, and teacher. He co-founded the law firm of Al-Waleed, Al-Talal, and Al-Mansour and has served as a director of the Saudi African Bank and the United Bank of Africa among others.  He travels the world giving speeches against America and in support of Islam.  He and Al-Waleed have their fingers in many US businesses and real estate, from which they have made a huge sum of money. 

Al Monsour detests Jews, Christians and Whites with a passion! 

Bin-Talal has donated millions of dollars to various American universities to sponsor and expand on Islamic studies.  It is Khalidi that is now at Columbia U in charge of Islamic and Middle East studies, where he has created a platform to promote anti-Semitism.  It is, according Percy Sutton (civil rights activist, millionaire) gave an interview in which he said that years ago Al Monsour asked him to help get Obama into Harvard, and that Obama was receiving financial backing from bin-Talal. 

So, the trail goes thus:  Obama met Al Monsour in Chicago before going to Harvard.  Al Monsour was friends with Khalidi, and Percy Sutton.  He was also friends with Ayres, whom Obama knew.  Al Monsour introduced Obama to Khalidi and the Prince Al-Talal and the group remains allied, and includes more people, like George Soros, who also hates Jews and Israel. 

The common thread between these men is pro Islamic philosophies, anti-Semitic attitudes, and support for Palestine.  There is great power and money within this group, ready and waiting.