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Crime addendum – and the beat goes on, and on, and on

October 23, 2008

To continue the convoluted web of the Obama connections:

George Soros, creator of the “Shadow Party”, put in over $14 million to launch the ‘party’.  Other major contributors include billionaire Peter Lewis, and Jane Fonda (each putting in millions).  This is a ‘front’ for the “527’s” we keep hearing about, but remain in the background.  They are the sources of soft-money fund raising. 

Lewis is apparently an active pot user in his 80s, and has spent millions of dollars promoting marijuana legalization (in Oregon, NEV., CA., etc), among other organizations like ACLU.  Soros shares the passion to legalize marijuana. 

Soros wanted to disrupt the 2000 Conventions (both parties), and brought in Arianna Huffington to ‘host’ Shadow conventions in LA and Phil. at the same time as the real conventions, for the purpose of drawing media coverage away from the conventions.  Huffington now is a voice of LIberal Left and on the constant attack against McCain, but especially Palin.

Soros became good friends of the Clinton’s during the Clinton years in office.  Clinton sent Soros to Russia and elsewhere in the ‘new frontier’ of Eastern Europe, and during that time Soros made a vast fortune with the help of Clinton, Gore and Lawrence Summers – junk bond deals, forming privitazation of industries.  Soros takes credit for orchestrating coups in Georgia, Slovakia, and Croatia, and did so by creating a ‘shadow government’ that he had in place to take over at the right time.

In his association with Hillary Clinton ‘they’ discovered they were kindred spirits of sorts, in that both believed US interests should be placed second to global (in areas of economics, laws, sovereignty), and both want global taxation, and redistribution of wealth globally (DUH – look where we are now).  Both also have very negative feelings about Israel.  He dedicated himself and his money to getting her into the White House.

According to an article by Richard Poe, “When Soros targets a country for “regime change,” he begins by creating a shadow government — a fully formed government-in-exile, ready to assume power when the opportunity arises. The Shadow Party Soros has built in America greatly resembles those he has created in other countries, prior to instigating a coup.”

And now the plot thickens yet more.  The cornerstone of the “Shadow Party” is the Center for American Progress (CAP) that was started in 2003, and exists as a leftist ‘think tank’ with Hillary Clinton at the helm, along with John Podesta (formerly in the Clinton Admin).  This organization combines money from Soros, organization and concept from Ickes, and leadership by Clinton (and Podesta).  It’s offices are in Washington DC.  (this info from UPI)

Does this matter?  YESSSSSSSSSS  On staff and in membership are dozens of former Clinton Admin. Secretaries, Under Secretaries, White House staff and advisors, speech writers, researchers, national security people etc.  All of these people are around to serve as instant spokespeople to any comments, interviews made by conservatives.  This collection of people and mission, initiated by Soros, is said to look much like the ‘shadow governments’ he puts into place before orchestrating a coup abroad.