The amounts of donations are clearly over legal amounts allowed, but, they get around the law by making their contributions via PACs – It should be noted that McCain’s list of top donors tops out at just over $300,000, and the bottom at just over $100,000.

It is also disturbing to learn that Federal Prosecutors have donated thousands of dollars to the Obama Campaign, creating a huge partisan conflict of interest among a group that is supposed to be totally bi-partisan.  And in that regard, most Federal Prosecutors who are supposed to oversee state elections to ensure no tampering and glitches, have bailed out of their jobs and ‘gone home,’ according to a report on CNN and Fox. 


University of California $909,283
Goldman Sachs $874,207
Harvard University $717,230
Microsoft Corp $714,108
Google Inc $701,099
JPMorgan Chase & Co $581,460
Citigroup Inc $581,216
National Amusements Inc $543,859
Time Warner $508,148
Sidley Austin LLP $492,445
Stanford University $481,199
Skadden, Arps et al $473,424
Wilmerhale Llp $466,679
UBS AG $454,795
Latham & Watkins $426,924
Columbia University $426,516
Morgan Stanley $425,102
IBM Corp $415,196
University of Chicago $414,555
US Government $400,819

The number one corporate donor in 2008 is AT&T at just under $40 million; #2 is Goldman Sachs, donating just over $30 million. 
The top individual US donors to Obama:

Contributor 2008 Contributions
Sheldon Adelson (Las Vegas, NV) $5,000,000  (#12 on Forbes billionaire list – owns Sands, Venitian in LV)
George Soros (New York, NY) $4,900,000 (billionaire, mentor, radical, anti-American, anti-Israel)
Steven Bing (Los Angeles, CA) $4,850,000 (multi-millionaire playboy, real estate, Hollywood producer)
Fred Eshelman (Wilmington, NC) $2,740,790 (scientist, supports McCain, genetics specialist)
Gerald & Lilo Leeds family (Great Neck, NY) $1,373,000 (media mogul, supports ‘progressive’ education and Obama; and his wife donated an additional $750,000)

The number one PAC is National Assn of Realtors, donating over $3 million.


In 1998 lobbyists spent just under $1.5 billion to woo and sway Congress.  In 2008 they have already spent over $2 billion.


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