News out of Africa – and videos – THE ISSUES REMAIN –

Some interesting newspaper articles coming out of Africa – and videos – worth checking out (ALL) –      (read it all – fascinating)    (and this is how to win friends and influence people?)    (looks like Obama has worked furiously to cover his tracks far and wide.

(note the list of donors to Odinga – “Friends of Senator BO” – according to a person in Kenya, that donation equals $1 million US and was from both Dick Morris and Barack Obama !!!!  And Dick Morris donated his time to organize and run the Odinga campaign!!!!

BBC interview w/ Odinga, talking of calls from BO, them being cousins etc

Dick Morris at press conference with Odinga in Kenya – good grief

(BO speech to government that angered the President of Kenya)

BO campaigning with Odinga

BO’s grandmother saying that BO was born in Kenya

BBC interview with Obama’s half brother

re birth certificate

analysis of alleged birth certificate –








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