In case you don’t know much about him, here’s an overview:


His father was from a small village who ended up becoming a government civil servant.   His father was something of a cad, having affairs with many women.  His mother was young and pregnant when they married, the father quite a bit older than his mother.


He proved a good student and made good grades, and had attention lavished on him at home, though his home life was fairly strict.  He found a friend and mentor in an older man who regaled him with stories of historical significance that had a huge impact on him.  His first college was a disappointment to him and he felt he did not belong, did not fit in.   Over his teen years he had become somewhat obsessed over stories of hated enemies.


Over time he felt negatively toward Jews, and became familiar with concepts of anarchy, and Communism.  He joined organizations that were progressive and very liberal in thinking, and which had members banded together in an effort to fight their opposition.


He and his friends and associates believed his country was not doing well and was destined to what they felt was ‘greatness’.   He found, in some of his groups’ members a connection, and a vehicle in which to ‘reach his political ends.’  He was able to bring organization and structure to the primary group, making it highly effective in this right/left wing opposition.


At meetings he would speak and it was immediately clear that he was a gifted orator, often mesmerizing and captivating his audiences.  He was young, forceful and inspiring, and with word of mouth, more and more flocked to hear him, attend meetings where he would speak.


Time went on and he became better known in his city.  People encouraged him, donated money to him, and worked to support him.  It was over his young adult years that he met 3 men who proved influential, and instrumental in his rise to national prominence. 


Discussion of a political platform evolved into a number of goals, only a few of them used as talking points.  There was talk of expropriating land, limiting certain civil rights, and ‘breaking the bonds of interest’.  Eventually his group convened to hear of his plans.  He electrified the huge audience with ‘masterful demagoguery.’  He was appealing to the masses, who were attracted to his welfare plans.


The program evolved, but needed a scapegoat to blame for problems in the country – inflation, unemployment, political instability, war-related issues, and general ‘internationalism.’  Over time his political campaign and party grew in importance and in attracting more people, united in their complaints over hyper-inflation, pointing fingers at the opposition.  It was a typical case of economic unrest creating political unrest.


It was during his meteoric rise in politics that he wrote his first autobiographical book which was well received.  It was followed by a second book, also well received.  And during his travels, speeches, and appearances, he grew savvy at building a political structure, using fear to a tactical advantage, making promises, and pointing the finger at the opposition for the source of all ills.   At the back of his mind was a plan to attain total control and power, not by some revolutionary effort, but constitutionally and so he reached out to the massive crowds to join him in creating a new world.  Change was his call to action and national unions and organizations responded with great support.


He focused in small towns to appeal to farmers and average people, and cities to appeal to white collar workers.  But his greatest effort was directed to the middle class, even though his greatest support came from the lowest of the middle class, and the poor and disenfranchised.  Because of the economic woes, fear of deep recession or even depression, people were eager for him to achieve his goals, and deliver on his promises.  Among his promises, to create a unity, one united state.









Adolph Hitler!!!

But here the parallel lives separate – for Hitler was very anti-Marxism and Communism.  He was all for nationalism and self-determination of and for the country.  His means of achieving his goals, and of course, of eliminating his particular enemy will go down in history as one of the greatest crimes in all of mankind.  It is interesting how the 2 men’s lives ran a similar path, but at a point in young manhood, went in opposite directions. 


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