The Greatest Crime Against America

I have written about the holes in the money trail of Obama from high school to the present, and about his connections, even about the nature of his fund raising.  It is to fund raising that I wish to address my attention now.

I have been on the FEC (Federal Election Commission) website and reviewed what little information has been made available by the Obama camp.  There are some stunning figures, such that I had to investigate further.  As example:  The campaign reports nearly $400,00,000 in expenses as of August, 08.  And where has that money gone?  There is mention of a company called Catalist, with hundreds of thousands of dollars given out to them (expensed). 

Catalist is a list broker of sorts, that specializes in helping  “progressive” companies and organizations.  It is headed by Harold Ickes, formerly with the Clinton Admin.   Ickes is a colorful fellow who is tied to   Lowenstein (radical leftist, mentor to Ickes).  In the 70s Ickes worked for a NY law firm, representing Local 100 (hotel employees), a union under the control of the Gambino and Columbo crime families;  He also represented the Genovese and Lucchese crime families. 

Ickes’ life and associations ‘fits’ with Ayres (both were anti-war activists in the 60s and 70s; both Marxists in their beliefs).  Ickes now heads Catalist, which has a string of clients — all of them leftist organizations, from various labor unions, to ‘community outreach/organizing’ groups.  As far as I can tell (having checked out the list) all the people on the Board of Catalist and all its clients are far leftists. 

Ickes was also involved in the 1993 “teamstergate” scandal.  It is interesting to note that Ickes was in the Clinton White House for 3 years, initially as Chief of Staff, but later working with Hillary, in a special “unit” within the Counsel’s office, assigned to supressing all  of the Clinton’s scandals.  He referred to himself as “director of sanitation.”   Eventually Ickes was connected to “filegate”, “Chinagate” (selling military secrets to Red China in exchange for campaign donations) etc.   The ‘heat’ got too hot for Clinton, who fired Ickes in the second term.

Now the explosive part (more of the SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION) – Ickes has been a friend of Soros (Obama’s money man), and it was Ickes who worked with Soros to create the Democrat “Shadow Party.”  After McCain’s soft-money ban in the McCain-Feingold bill, Soros and Ickes created several organizations designed to get ‘around’ the mandates of the soft-money ban.  They formed America Coming Together, America Votes (Obama has been associated with this group, as is Acorn), Thunder Road Group, among others.  The various groups may all be part of Acorn.

Soros has, and Catalist is part of  There are always ribbon and bows that tie all of these players together in a tidy package!  And of course, Ickes is Pres. of Catalist.  Obama  as ‘son of soros’ is among clients, and has paid Catalist about $500,000 in the last year for voter lists and phone numbers.  NOw one more interesting connection – the Chief Technology Officer at Catalist is a man named Vijay Ravindran.  Ravindran is formerly with Amazon, responsible for creating their various cutting edge ‘click and pay’ programs.

So where am I going with all of this?  Based on the Obama donation data, both what he claims, and what has been shown, as I said before, it does not compute. 

1)  He claims $600 million in donations
2)  He claims 2.5 million individual donors
3)  Of donors that appear with the FEC, many are over $200
4)  CNN report today indicates 75% of donations are from MAJOR donors (individuals and companies inside and outside the US)
5)  “Expenses” seem to surpass donations by a good measure!

6)  It all just does not compute

But, what if we look at a formula that does fit – Let’s say Catalist and the Obama campaign, along with the help of Obama’s 2 pals from Pakistan who operate the donation site – let’s say they get foreign donations (not allowed) and need to hide them, but they are way over $200 each.  Let’s say that $500,000,000 comes from a combination of major donations here in the US and from ‘elsewhere’.  It would take 2.5 million names (i.e. donors) to be listed at $200 each.  Catalist has a list of 150 million.  Some people have reported having their credit card charged for a donation to Obama they did not make.  Somehow the technology and lists have been ‘adjusted’ to enable major donations to be hidden under the guise of small donors.  I know the technology is out there, the lists are in place, and God knows that Obama/Soros/Ickes et al have banking connections! 

Stay tuned – I’ll be digging more on this.


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